HahnSongs - Words and Music by Michael Hahn

  Be Authentic Option B
  Behind My Mask Grounded
  In a Perfect World Up on the Stage
  When This Is Over Hit The Night Lights
  Close Your Eyes My Baby You Should Be So Proud of You
  If Only You Loved Yourself Shivers
  Show Me Can't Lose
  I Love You More - Pop version I Don't Do Love
  Inspired by You Fragile Girl
  See How Good it Gets I Love Us
  No Worries I'm Going Back to a Heartache
  Make Someone's Day Age is Just a Number
  It's Clear Flip Flops
  You Gotta Win It Feels Like Spring
  You Go Girl Better Stories
  The Evolution of our Love Drive
  Treat Yourself Your Time Has Come
  A Simple Life The Night Belongs To Us
  On The Other Side of You Cycles
  For All the Right Reasons New Kind of Love
  I Got This - Male Vocal Have a Good Day
  There's a Chance It Keeps Getting Better
  Body of Proof Ashes and Dust
  Until You Leave for School When Words Aren't Enough
  I Got This Reset
  Fantasy Girl You'll be coming home to me
  Give and Not Take So It Seems
  Accountable The Guitar Blues
  I'm Looking for Some Fun Low Maintenance
  I'm Beautiful Go Hard or Go Home
  So Senseless Christmas Time - Female
  Now Icy Hot
  You're a little too Friendly Bridges
  Safe Christmas Time
  It Serves Me Right Girls Weekend
  Metaphor Free Spirit
  Turnaround I Didn't See That Coming
  You're My Adrenaline I'm Broken
  The Space Between Outside Looking In
  GPS Things I Shoulda Said
  Who's That Girl Like Oil and Water
  Rise I'm Chillin Out
  Courage Stand Up
  Put your faith in me It's Obvious
  Money Changes Everything Dare
  Just Be Yourself Not Enough Alcohol
  Same Page The Last Song
  Breakup Text Letting Go
  Get Down I Really Could Use a Drink
  Leave It To Me The Storm Before the Calm
  It Don't Get Any Better Than This Cold Day in Hell
  I Don't Stand a Chance Hot Little Mess
  Life's Too Short 3/4 Time
  You Go For It Me, Myself and I
  The Last Time I Cry for You 3 Little Words
  Living in a doublewide She's Gonna Come Back
  Just Tell Me the Truth - Duet You've got strength
  That Makes One of Us Totally
  Somehow Someway Just Tell Me the Truth
  Appreciate Shortbed It's a Matter of Time
  Don't Give Up Second Chance
  Two Steps Forward I Wanna Be Happy
  Every Color of the Rainbow Kinda Familiar
  You Talkin to Me Fool Me Once
  I Love You More End of the Road
  Fearless - Male vocal We're Gonna Lose
  Fearless I'm All In
  Learn Things the Hard Way Pretty From Far
  LIvin on Your Own I Don't Even Know You Anymore - Country Version
  When I Forget About Me I'm Not Sure - Instrumental
  Dream About You-Shortbed Act As If
  Internet Millionaire Shortbed 2 Internet Millionaire
  Easy On The Eyes I Don't Even Know You Anymore
  Life After Love I'm the Man - Shortbed
  Louisiana Love Pass it Forward
  I Feel Great - Short Version Don't You Run Away - Instrumental
  Appreciate Don't You Run Away
  I'm the Man - Instrumental The Other Man
  I'm The Man I Feel Great
  Dream About You Believing In You
  My Security I'm Not sure
  If You Think You Can Louisiana Love
  Zipper What the Heck
  Slow Burn Power Up
  Mandolina In the Stix
  Happy Feet Forever with Me
  Fast Track Don't Fret
  Cleansing Rain Bar Hopping
  Attracted Dark
  Rich Undecided
  Mistress Sleeping
  UP Not So Wordy
  Lady Higher
  Glass Found
  You're Gonna Rise 3
  Take a Chance Strength
  Stand Up For You Spiral
  Reggaemon Pumped
  Just Right Hyperbole
  Hot Latino Flying Solo
  Flow Cool Water Country
  Atomic Clock Angry
  Reverse Poppy
  Acoustic Christmas Time - female
  Beautiful Now-instumental
  Icy Hot - Instrumental Reset - Instrumental
  Give and Not Take - Instrumental I'm Looking for Some Fun Instrumental
  Fantasy Girl - Instrumental Now - Instrumental
  Rules of Engagement - instrumental Ashes and Dust Instrumental
  New Kind of Love - Instrumental Christmas Time - duet
  Drive - Instrumental Treat Yourself - Instrumental
  There's a Chance - Instrumental A Simple Life - Instrumental
  Flip Flops - Instrumental Your Time Has Come - Instrumental
  You Gotta Win - Instrumental the Night Belongs to Us - Instrumental
  Drive - instrumental no titile It's Clear Instrumental
  Icy Hot - no vocals You Gotta Win Instrumental
  The Evolution of Our Love Instrumental Cycles Instrumental
  Make Someone's Day Instrumental You Talkin to Me?
  See How Good It Gets - Instrumental Free Spirit Instrumental
  Age is Just a Number Instrumental Famous Instrumental
  Up On the Stage Instrumental I Got This Instrumental
  Close Your eyes My Baby Instrumental No Worries - Instrumental
  If Only You Loved Yourself Instrumental GPS guitar and vocals
  Famous 1 Minute INSTR