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Like Oil and Water

Never seems to be enough, never the right thing
Never seem to know just what to do
Shouldn't have to be this tough, doing the right thing
Shouldn't have to change so much for you
Let's find the one thing on which we both agree
admit it wasn't meant to be

Like oil and water, we just don't mix
no matter how we try you know it can't be fixed
like oil and water, we go our separate ways
whatever we might put together, it never stays
like oil and water

Why's it always black or white, no room for maybe
You know the world don't work that way
It's never only wrong or right, don't have to sway me
can't you see there's such a thing as grey
You're always criticizing everything I do
because I don't agree with you

we both are headstrong people, that's who we are
that's why we're better off apart

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Story Behind the Song:
Lyric Credits: Michael Hahn
Music Credits: Michael Hahn
Producer Credits:
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits:
Label Credits:
Song Length: 3:43
Primary Genre: Country-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: -
Era: 2000 and later