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The Secret To Life
You're frustrated, never made it, to that thing you tried for
Satisfaction always lacking cause you always want more
You need to learn to be content, with all the things that you've been sent
What you've got, really is a lot

The Secret to life is to try so hard for everything you need
But it won't be right if you're all about the greed
when you appreciate the things you get, you're never gonna be upset
Over times, when you don't succeed

Stop complaining, no explaining, you might someday get there
Think it's all wrong, Taking too long, and it's really unfair
Sometimes you gotta wait in line, for everything to turn out fine
You will see, patience is the key

You should hold out, life is about, living for the journey
Enjoy each day, in the best way, that you know it can be
Don't ever let the things you lack, take control and hold you back
From your bliss, you're better off than this

Short Song Description:
be appreciative and more good things will come to you
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Lyric Credits: Michael Hahn
Music Credits: Michael Hahn
Producer Credits:
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: the Michael Hahn Project
Label Credits:
Song Length: 3:24
Primary Genre: Pop-Easy Listening
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Encouragement
Mood 1: Pleasant
Language: English