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Pass it Forward
You say you're nothing but a user
Never give someone a chance
You say you're feeling like a loser
A victim of your circumstance
Now you just wait a freakin minute
You got everything you need
To be a better human being
Give it up and you'll succeed

Pass it forward give a little bit to someone else
Pass it forward and you'll find that it'll help yourself
If you give just a little you'll live just a little
You'll find that it'll never be gone if you pass it on

There's never been a better timeframe
To go and turn yourself around
You know it's nothing but a mindgame
You're looking up when you are down
You'll be sure to make it happen
If you give it all you've got
There's nothing anyway that's stopping
You from giving your best shot

Short Song Description:
motivating someone else to think about other people and by helping them they help themselves
Lyric Credits: MIchael Hahn
Music Credits: MIchael Hahn
Producer Credits: John Callaghan
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: MIchael Hahn John Callaghan, Joe Gabe
Label Credits:
Song Length: 2:56
Primary Genre: Pop-Rock
Secondary Genre: Pop-General
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Spirituality
Mood 1: Welcoming
Mood 2: Glad
Language: English
Era: 1990 - 1999