HahnSongs - Words and Music by Michael Hahn


Lyric Credits: Michael Hahn
Music Credits: Michael Hahn
Producer Credits:
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: the Michael Hahn project
Label Credits:
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Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Song Length 3:59
Primary Genre Pop-General
Secondary Genre -
Language English
Era 2000 and later

Got your past life, Weighing you down
That's not right, turn your thinking around
You can't move on from where you were, when the past can reoccur
I'm sure that you'd prefer to live for today

Don't go there, can't afford the looking back
Going nowhere if you're gonna think like that
You need to live your life, filling each and every day
Living in the moment is all you should do that's all I can say

It's your baggage, following you
And it ravaged, all that you do
If you could leave it there, you'd be so much more aware
And you'd take better care, of finding your way

In the rear view, is where it should be
Won't define you, if you only see
The wake won't drive the boat, you will stay afloat
If you're taking notes, it's gonna pay