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GPS guitar and vocals
I think I'm on the right road, so I guess
I'm just following my GPS
and it takes me to you
I've never been down this road before
Feel like I oughta be on it more
if it takes me to you, if it takes me to you

Life's got consequences, stole my confidence and
made me hide, building a wall
Going through the motions, faking real emotions
took a slide, destined to fall
Never could let myself be open to someone
Never could get this close before to anyone

I kept so protected, not what I expected
how did I ever find you
Just when I gave up I look and you showed up
how did I ever get through
Ever get through the pain of being all alone
You got me past the emptiness I'd always known
Short Song Description:
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Lyric Credits: Michael Hahn
Music Credits: Michael Hahn
Producer Credits:
Publisher Credits: Michael Hahn
Performance Credits: the Michael Hahn Project
Label Credits:
Song Length: 2:33
Primary Genre: Folk-General
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Language: English
Era: 1980 - 1989