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Same Page
Yesterday, we always had a lot to say,
loving in a special way, and we told each other
Now we find, we're not even being kind
and we even seem to mind, when we're together
We've got a lot we need to think about, before we find our time runs out

We're not on the same page, Not even in the same book
If we're gonna get past this phase, We gotta take a harder look
Can't wait till the movie comes out, to see how this thing plays
Don't know if we'll get back, on the same page

What happened to, what used to be me and you
We would always make it through , cause we'd help each other
trouble is, we are both so tired of it
we don't even try a bit, it's such a bother
Do we believe that we can salvage this, let's think about what we would miss

Can we rewrite what looks like it will end, can we rebuild what we had then

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Lyric Credits: Michael Hahn
Music Credits: Michael Hahn
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Song Length: 3:35
Primary Genre: Country-Contemporary
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