HahnSongs - Words and Music by Michael Hahn

So It Seems

Lyric Credits: Michael Hahn
Music Credits: Michael Hahn
Story Behind the Song:
guy who won't sacrifice his priciples to live in girlfriend's high society lifestyle
Song Length 3:38
Primary Genre Country-General
Secondary Genre -
Tempo / Feel Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Boyfriend, Husband
Mood 1 Disturbed
Similar Artist 1 Steely Dan
Language English
Era 2000 and later
So you tried to make me walk the straight and narrow
But you see that I can only walk so far
Then I start to run away it's in my marrow
I would rather walk than drive that fancy car

Tie dyed loosely fitted tee shirts
Silk ties don't go with my jeans
I've tried many times it don't work ,it just hurts
Or so it seems

There's been times I've had the wind behind to push me
There's been times it goes and hits me in the face
But of all the times that I've been down this same road
I never wind up in the same old place

If you just can wait around another minute
You might get to see me leaving once again
I believe I'm gonna try and set the record
For the fastest exit ever done by man