HahnSongs - Words and Music by Michael Hahn

Stand Up

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Song Length 3:54
Primary Genre Pop-General
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Stop with the excuses, they're not helping you
find out what the truth is, then go see it through
waiting for the right time, only slows you down
keep it on a straight line, it'll turn around

stand up stand up stand up, show me you can
man up man up man up, show me your plan
and follow it through
Be there be there be there, when you should be
beware, beware, beware, don't get lazy
you know what to do
if you can't stand up for me, stand up for you

It's so paralyzing, thoughts just hold you back
overanalyzing , knocks you off the track
keep up the momentum, never lose your edge
give it all and then some, don't fall off the ledge

gonna feel much better, when you take control
know it's such a pleasure, when you reach your goal